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[ NNSquad ] Internet Companies Take Aim at Wireless Net Neutrality as Debate Rages On

Internet Companies Take Aim at Wireless Net Neutrality as Debate Rages On

(Recode): http://recode.net/2014/09/30/internet-companies-take-aim-at-wireless-net-neutrality-as-debate-rages-on/

   "Google, Facebook and other large Internet companies are ramping up a
    lobbying campaign to ensure federal regulators cover wireless networks
    in its new net neutrality rules.  The Internet Association, a trade
    group made up of 28 Internet companies including Google, Facebook,
    Netflix and Twitter, released a survey Tuesday showing that a vast
    majority of the American people would support net neutrality rules
    applying to their wireless phones. The group's lawyers also met with
    FCC officials last week to lobby on the same point."

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