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[ NNSquad ] More on Windows 10 (preview) data collection

More on Windows 10 (preview) data collection

I want to add a few of my own thoughts to that article on the Windows 10
preview version data collection policies. 

If any of those data collection features were enabled by default, and
unless there's a big red warning at installation that you must respond
to with more than a single click, explaining all these aspects, it's
still unacceptable. Too many people will download this and use it like
any other system without considering the implications. I couldn't care
less what they plan to do when it goes out of beta at this juncture --
I'm concerned about right now.

As I recall they've done similar in previous previews, but the stakes
are much higher now given government attitudes to collected data. 

It is a mistake to assume that everyone who will download this preview
or end up with it installed (perhaps by their "IT Guy") will be
cognizant of the options and implications. I'm the guy who found MS'
undisclosed "phone home" behavior years ago. It was not an enormous
privacy problem, but it was still telling and a lot of bad press for
MS resulted.

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