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[ NNSquad ] Adobe tracks your e-book reading habits--and sends logs in plain text

Adobe tracks your e-book reading habits--and sends logs in plain text

(Ars): http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/10/adobes-e-book-reader-sends-your-reading-logs-back-to-adobe-in-plain-text/

    "Adobe's Digital Editions e-book and PDF reader--an application used by
     thousands of libraries to give patrons access to electronic lending
     libraries--actively logs and reports every document readers add to
     their local "library" along with what users do with those files. Even
     worse, the logs are transmitted over the Internet in the clear,
     allowing anyone who can monitor network traffic (such as the National
     Security Agency, Internet service providers and cable companies, or
     others sharing a public Wi-Fi network) to follow along over readers'
     shoulders.  Ars has independently verified the logging of e-reader
     activity with the use of a packet capture tool. The exposure of data
     was first discovered by Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader, who
     reported the issue to Adobe but received no reply. Ars has also
     reached out to Adobe for comment with no response."

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