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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comments on NNSquad Purpose


With all due respect of course,

Filesharing in and of itself is neither abusive, nor unlawful. Plain and
simple.  That's a glass of poisoned koolaid none of us should drink
around here.

Neither is it against Comcast (or Verizon's) ToS, or AUP. They (comcast
and others) only forbid transmission of copyrighted materials for which
you have no right of redistribution. (e.g. sharing linux distribution
ISO's are perfectly legal, as are numerous "free of restrictions" video
and music files)



Yes, there are plenty of users out there who do violate those terms, but
I along with many others, do not.  I don't think it's fair to the
community to classify one particular application as harmful or unlawful.

Comcast's *forging* of packets goes much further than throttling of
bandwidth (Optimum online and plenty of other ISP's will throttle your
overall speed in general if you're a heavy user on their network but
most don't send forged packets falsely indicating the other end of the
connection has vanished).

VoIP generally needs no prioritization, unless congestion exists in the


Brett Glass wrote:
> At 11:48 PM 11/7/2007, Robb Topolski wrote:
>> While I agree that Net Neutrality has been sometimes described as
>> preventing the situation of paying extra for higher performance of
>> favored applications, it is not an apt description.
>> Using the Comcast P2P interference as an example, in this case,
>> Comcast has degraded the performance of a non-favored application.
> Or, from Comcast's point of view, it is preventing network abuse and
> stopping customers from violating the terms of their contracts.
> By the way, it seems to me that the first order of business on this
> list should be to define "network neutrality." I see network neutrality
> as remaining neutral with regard to content providers, but not
> necessarily with regard to applications. (There are good technical
> reasons to do things like prioritize VoIP packets, for example.)
> --Brett Glass
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