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[ NNSquad ] Important NNSquad Mailing List Administrivia

Greetings all.  Well, we seem to be off to a rousingly active start.

There are a few important administrivia issues, however:

First, there have been reports that some messages appear essentially
blank in some mail readers.  I've now duplicated this -- it appears
to be (you can guess it, right?) a mime/attachment/charset related
issue, and I'm looking into it as quickly as possible.  Some messages
being input are loaded down with all sorts of extraneous mime goodies
that are apparently causing some problems.  One related issue for
people receiving the list via digests is that if you have set your
options for text format, mime encoded segments and the like will not
come through natively.  I would recommend setting digest options to
mime format -- I will set that default to mime for all new

In the meantime, while I track down the format issues, I've frozen
the message output queue.  Please hold off on new submissions until
normal flow is restored.  All prior messages should be fully
viewable in the mailing list archive 
at: http://www.nnsquad.org/archives/nnsquad/maillist.html

Speaking of flow, I realize that there is a lot of pent-up demand for
discussion on these topics, but I don't want to have everyone inundated
with overly large numbers of individual messages every day.  I am
reluctant to go to a digest-only distribution format, but that might
become the only practical alternative.

One way that we can help fend off that possibility would be if more
of the back and forth discussions took place in the NNSquad Forum 
( http://www.nnsquad.org/forum ).  I realize that e-mail is easier for
many people to use, but the forum is inherently threaded -- a big
advantage for these kinds of discussions, and if you are registered
you should even be able to reply to forum discussions via e-mail.
Please give it a try if possible.

Thanks again for your interest, participation, and patience while
we dig out the mailer gremlins.

Take care, all.

Lauren Weinstein
lauren@vortex.com or lauren@pfir.org 
Tel: +1 (818) 225-2800
Co-Founder, PFIR
   - People For Internet Responsibility - http://www.pfir.org 
Founder, PRIVACY Forum - http://www.vortex.com 
Member, ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy
Lauren's Blog: http://lauren.vortex.com 

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