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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comments on NNSquad Purpose

Interesting note from a Wired blog;


Many states make it illegal to impersonate others. New York, a state
notorious for its aggressive pro-consumer office of the Attorney General,
makes it a crime for someone to "[impersonate] another and [do] an act in
such assumed character with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or
defraud another." (See: NY Sec. 190.25: Criminal impersonation in the second
degree). I do not believe that it would be too difficult to prove that
Comcast obtains a benefit by impersonating others to eliminate or reduce
BitTorrent traffic. Less torrent data flowing over their network will lead
to an overall reduction in their bandwidth bill, and thus a huge cost

Comcast is perfectly within its right to filter the Internet traffic that
flows over its network. What it is not entitled to do, is to impersonate its
customers and other users, in order to make that filtering happen. Dropping
packets is perfectly OK, while falsifying sender information in packet
headers is not.