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[ NNSquad ] Re: Definitions: "Network Neutrality" (and "National Security")

On 11/11/07, Lauren Weinstein <lauren@vortex.com> wrote:
> I believe that it would be worthwhile for consumers to have tools
> that could be used to help figure out what sort of Internet they're
> really getting for their money, in terms of performance, actual
> capabilities, restrictions, and the like.  We can work to develop
> and deploy such tools, and help to analyze the resulting data for
> consumers and the world at large to see, without getting everyone to
> agree on a universal definition of network neutrality.


To start, perhaps it would be helpful to describe the tools and methods useful
for detecting some of the current issues.  Then, after a collection of
these incidents and test cases have been created, the useful features
of an end-user application might emerge.

To start, I (or someone) could describe how to use Wireshark and its
logs to detect if there is RST-abuse interference with a P2P protocol
(e.g. Comcast).  Someone else could contribute a way to see if their
DNS queries are being mishandled (e.g. Verizon).

Is my idea on the right track?

--Robb Topolski

 [ Excellent -- though we should always keep in mind that an important
   goal is to create toolsets and a reporting environment that will be
   appropriate for non-techies to use as well as pros.
                                                       -- Lauren Weinstein
                                                          NNSquad Moderator ]