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[ NNSquad ] Re: Definitions: "Network Neutrality" (and " National Security ")

On Sunday 11 November 2007 18:50, Robb Topolski wrote:
> Someone else could contribute a way to see if their DNS queries are being
> mishandled (e.g. Verizon). 

I did experience that particular issue here.

I ran across some mention of that on a forum referenced in here,  I believe it 
was dslreports.com?  Anyhow that nonsense was apparently tested first over 
some limited area in the midwest and then deployed over large areas after 

I also found out how to fix it.  I just changed the last octet for the two 
nameserver lines in my /etc/resolv.conf file (I run linux here) from 12 to 14 
in both cases,  and now that has ceased to be an issue with me.

During the interval between when I'd become aware of it and when I'd fixed it 
I also emailed Verizon's customer service about it,  and complained that 
those redirects were annoying.  I did finally get a response after the fix 
had been done,  pointing me toward their web site and toll-free number,  both 
about equally useless and the latter in particular being a major waste of my 
time,  and I told 'em that,  too.

Why can't a bloody internet company have somebody you can _email_ directly?  I 
don't need the stupid machine that insists that you talk to it and the 
recordings telling me how important my call is.  In response to the 
boilerplate in their message saying something about how much they valued my 
business mine was "prove it,  please"...

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