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[ NNSquad ] Re: Moving the discussion onward ...

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Sean B. <rhythmx@gmail.com> wrote:

Agreed. Nearly all of the recent attention of the media that was directed
towards network neutrality was a direct result of Comcast getting caught
corrupting traffic. While discussing semantics and definitions has its
merits, it's only self serving.

What is needed is more negative media attention directed at the big
providers. This is easily accomplished by finding more network neutrality

Some tools need to be developed and network resources pooled, then it is
possible to catalogue all ISP traffic modification. Perhaps even
fingerprinting and listing the equipment that every major ISP uses.

Once there is a list of everything that ISPs are doing to different types of
traffic, then the definition of "network neutrality" no longer matters. It's
all a matter of assigning good/bad labels to each behavior and getting the
word out to the public and policy makers :)


I think if we restrict ourselves to a piecemeal defense of common carriage we give to the Duopoly a large, unfair, and unnecessary advantage. The Duopoly can always claim that some particular squelching is reasonable since, after all, there are so many different applications with different patterns of connection, packet load, etc.. We should instead demand that Net connection providers state what we are getting for our money, and let the network engineers figure out how to provide what we pay for.

And publication of our findings: I am for our use of Net structure
discovery and measurement tools.  I am also for publication of
results.  But such publicity cannot win the war, without a formal
declaration of what is at stake.  See:



 [ While the various participants in NNSquad have a range of
   personal views on neutrality legislation, I do want to note again
   that NNSquad is specifically not involved in promoting legislation.
   That's just not the focus of this particular project.  Thanks.

                                       -- Lauren Weinstein
                                          NNSquad Moderator ]