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[ NNSquad ] Re: Neutrality in Perspective

> This actually seems to be an unrealistic example.  There is no good
> reason why a RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER should have the ability to operate
> their own mail server, from the point of view of a rational ISP.

Perhaps I want my email address to be at my own domain, and since I am
already paying for "internet service" in the form of connectivity using
your wires (the only real asset worth renting that most carriers have) I
feel it unnecessary to pay for an off premises host to perform that
function, as I understand how the internet was designed.  Perhaps I do not
want to use your POP3 service.  Perhaps it makes my mail experience more
manageable for me.  Perhaps I understand what an MX does, and can properly
manage it.  Perhaps I am a networking student, and the best way to learn
about MX's are to actually operate one.  Perhaps I do not want to have an
out of control government reading my mail without any chance of my knowing
it, even if I ask you, my carrier, if this is happening, as you have been
gag ordered by default.

There are plenty of GOOD REASONS, friend.