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[ NNSquad ] Administrivia: Upcoming batch of messages

Upcoming is a batch of messages that include continued
"philosophical" discussions that I say again belong over on the
forum ( http://www.nnsquad.org/forum ) not on this list.  I am
sending this batch out in the interests of "equal time" -- including
messages from Brett Glass, who is insisting that he be granted more
space on the list to retort other people's comments about his 
philosophy of ISP operations. 

After this group of messages, the door closes on such discussions on
the mailing list that are not directly relevant to the project's
stated goals and focus.  This is specifically a project about
collecting, analyzing, and releasing data regarding ISP and network
operations, not about whether it's appropriate to block this or that
port or service.  Again, broader discussions about such topics are
*very welcome* on the forum, but it's clear that most people on this
list want the list tightly aimed at the project goals.  

For those few people who asked me initially why I was making this a
moderated list and not leaving it unmoderated ... well, now you
know.  I apologize for not staking out a more precise moderation
stance from day one, but I wanted to be especially open at the start.

NNSquad Moderator