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[ NNSquad ] Re: Is network unneutrality necessarily bad?

On Nov 13, 2007 4:42 PM, Bob Frankston <Bob19-0501@bobf.frankston.com> wrote:
> But if you do a remote terminal connection (encrypted) to your system at
> home you can do a
>  NET USE * \\TSClient\C
> back to your laptop (if you've shared the disk drives). This makes it very
> easy to copy files from your home system. This is very very useful.

But this is encapsulated in the remote desktop connection, is it not?
So, while you are using netbios, it is not running bare over the
Internet.  In other words, an access-list on the ISP router that
blocks netbios traffic will not affect this at all...

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold