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[ NNSquad ] Re: [OT?] NN definition(s?)

Brett Glass wrote:
At 08:33 AM 11/15/2007, Jonas Bosson wrote:

You missed to answer my suggestion on how to limit bandwidth in a
more net-neutral way using a monthly/periodical cut-off instead of
using service/target-filters.

I did not address this because it's simply out of the question. Users
depend upon our service. Cutting them off altogether can actually
cause danger to life and limb, especially if they need our service to
find out about weather events or use us for VoIP and expect to place
emergency calls that way.

The cut-off is just to a lower limit when the monthly X Gb are out. Its not discriminating to services and used for most co-location sites I know. I have 110 GB monthly.

Also, this requires information to customers on ISP webpage on how much they have used and give them the option to pay directly to free up more bandwidth this month or day and gain the speed they signed up for.

Perhaps this could finance more bandwidth?

PS I get the feeling that you are trolling here, since you are
Au contraire. I am very much for clear definitions of "network
neutrality." So far, it seems that some people have a far too
expansive definition, which includes being allowed to do absolutely
anything and consume infinite bandwidth at zero cost.

My apologies, my mistake then.

Your 1995:ish web page seems to indicate that you are running a
very small ISP-shop.

Our Web page is not "1995-ish." It is, however, screen reader friendly; hence its simplicity. We have several visually impaired and blind users and have great respect for that community.

http://www.brettglass.com/ ?

Apparently you are afraid that your customers have different
expectations from what you deliver. DS

Actually, we generally meet or exceed our customers' expectations. It's the unreasonable demands (and I say "demands," not expectations) of some on this list that we do not and will not meet, because they would be suicide for our business. And we're not afraid of anything, or we wouldn't be in this business.

I'm would not be that happy if knew how my ISP slowed down my critical backup or reduced services on the Internet.