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[ NNSquad ] Re: "How to Patrol Your ISP"

I looked into SNMP when I was trying to do the first round of UPnP (as
opposed to the current version which is problematic). I decided to go with
more open XML structures instead. Others more versed in SNMP can give their
views but the XML "revolution" has given has many ways to work with the
information and to easily define new data packages.

The more important question is what kind of questions we want asked and how
to gather it in a way we can do useful analysis. Is anyone from existing
metering projects on this list? How do they differ from what we might gather
at the edge including simple (simplistic) things like performance measures
(latency, speed) between two points for various kinds of data as well as
traces of routes. Lauren -- do you have a place to send/store such

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> For this purpose of this discussion I see such a router as an opportunity
> add measurement capabilities -- both probing and responding. I'm
> in what router code may already have these capabilities or, perhaps
> what a metering platform would be like since you don't really want to hard
> code it.

Yes, to the extent that hardware could be used this way it would
simplify things for users greatly.  Too bad that more and more of
these devices are based on proprietary platforms, where alternate
code often isn't practical.

And a related interesting question is how effectively we could
leverage existing SNMP capabilities in current hardware for our
purposes, perhaps via an encrypted measurement data collection
virtual network.

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