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[ NNSquad ] Re: Pakistan access toYouTube restored after "blasphemous"vid removed

Hi Fred,

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 1:39 AM, Fred Reimer <freimer@ctiusa.com> wrote:
>  Personally, I think Google/YouTube's response WAS appropriate.  They are
>  just following the law.

Are you sure they weren't just following their internal procedures?


  Now if their system is setup in such a way that it
>  can't block particular content from being served to particular
>  jurisdictions, and this causes the content to be removed from the whole
>  Internet, then that is unfortunate.  It would be best if they could block
>  such content from being delivered only to the parts of the net in that
>  particular country.

If content is "ok" by YouTube Terms of Use and Community Guidelines
(not removed) but not ok (objectionable) in a certain country,  then
it's up to a national authority to make sure that content can't be
viewed by it's citizens.

I would certainly not be happy to see a global "content police" arise.



Is it only me, or does anyone else find it quite ironic that on a list
devoted to end to end issues, we don't enjoy this end to end
connectivity (posts being "moderated").