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[ NNSquad ] Re: FCC paths to Internet network management? ( from IP )

rtellason@verizon.net said:
>  Verizon,  for some reason,  decided that it didn't like one of  them

You're misreading the error message:

 Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

  Recipient address: (Snipped for privacy)
  Reason: SMTP transmission failure has occurred
  Diagnostic code: smtp;552 5.2.0 Remote MTA An URL contained 
  in this message is blacklisted by SURBL. See http://www.surbl.org
  Remote system: (Snipped) (impinc04.yourhostingaccount.com NO UCE ESMTP 
  server ready )

That error, and the associated message, was generated by the remote
system, not Verizon.

Mail servers use a number of techniques to detect incoming spam. I know
Barracuda Systems can scan message bodies for blacklisted URLs, because
I know the person who implemented it for them.

Don't complain to Verizon. Complain to the person who you were trying to
send the message to.


  [ John is correct.  On closer inspection, the reject is from the
    remote MTA, not the local MTA (Verizon), so it falls into the
    more ordinary category of remote MTA spam filtering (however
    perhaps over-aggressive in this case).  This appears to be:
    impinc04.yourhostingaccount.com, mapping from:

    GTE.net LLC GTEN-206-46 (NET-206-46-0-0-1)

    While the error message from the remote MTA tells you how to
    look at the SURBL blacklist, it doesn't seem to provide any
    routine means to contact the MTA admin (good luck with
    "postmaster" these days) to deal with the block.  For point of
    reference I've always considered it very bad form to give an MTA
    suspected spam reject without providing exception contact info.
    Here's the URL and workarounds my MTAs provide whenever they
    reject suspected spam:  http://www.vortex.com/mailblock.html .
    I wish more sites provided something like this.

          -- Lauren Weinstein
             NNSquad Moderator ]