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[ NNSquad ] Re: Karoo is DNS hijacking

> As usual when this happens, we see our numbers grow (in this case, our
> UK account signups).

I was curious about this - from what I can see (based on the OpenDNS website
'Features' page and by doing some tests using dig) OpenDNS is no better than
the other ISPs/DNS Service Providers identified as hijacking DNS.

After an ISP starts hijacking DNS NXDOMAIN responses and you see your
numbers grow, do they then start to churn down again after people realise
that OpenDNS are really no better an alternative?   (I appreciate there may
be features in the OpenDNS service offering but these days web browsers also
offer things like phishing warnings etc).



   [ OpenDNS isn't hijacking anything!  OpenDNS is a fully opt-in
     service that users voluntarily choose to use by setting the OpenDNS
     servers in their systems.

     DNS hijacking is best defined by environments that divert users' DNS
     requests in some way *without the users having requested such
     a service* (e.g., either opt-out only or no opt-out available).

     There's a big difference.

        -- Lauren Weinstein
           NNSquad Moderator ]