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[ NNSquad ] Re: Do the Happy Dance people...

   If I catch the same regional bus every morning, that's normal  
   behaviour. If 30 imaginay me's take the same bus every morning, that's  
   normal behaviour. If 70 imaginary me's take the same bus every  
   morning, there'll be two buses. Not rocket science. There's only so  
   much busing one single person (plus clones) can do in one month and  
   I'm guessing it's fairly easy to project usage based on this.

But ISP's don't sell service to one person doing one application.
They sell service to a location - which can have many people,
although, of course, most don't - and the people can be doing many

Taking the bus analogy: buses here have bicycle carriers that can hold
two bikes.  Fine for normal use.  But, say 10 people on each bus want
to start biking.  Then, all 50 people do.

When bus-biking is rare, the bus company can say "not always
available."  When most of their customers want to use it, they have to
increase capacity or lose their customer base.

And if we find out that the bus company has been manipulating the
market to avoid having to add capacity (or perhaps is in the business
of renting bikes, so it profits off of its not adding capacity), we'll
get very angry.