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[ NNSquad ] More on Traffic Monitoring

I'd also like to mention that on the PRTG website, they offer two
different versions of their product.

I have both Version 6 and 7 and would recommend that for the fast setup to graphing fun, use Version 6.

Version 7 is built around Ajax that uses your web browser as the interface and frankly I just don't think it sets up as fast (more clicks to accomplish a task followed by pages to reload) than V6.

I think V6 offers better output displays for what I might want to do with my network in a quick monitoring of Inbound AND Outbound traffic for more detailed analysis than the default SUM mode V7 seems stuck in.

Of course, V7 does offer things that are interesting to larger networks... Your mileage (and monitoring desires) may vary.

I just thought I'd mention that the newest version may actually not be the best for our purposes.

Lastly, I'm in no way affiliated with the company - I just found their tool for a project I worked on and the licenses were reasonably priced. It's a nice product for my laptop when I visit clients to check their networks.