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[ NNSquad ] Re: Peering dispute cuts off Sprint<->Cogent Internet traffic

Well according to Sprint, Cogent mislead the media.  There never was a
settlement free peering arrangement; only a 3-month trial in September 2007
in which Cogent failed to meet the requirements that were agreed upon.  It
looks like Cogent had been freeloading since that time until Sprint filed a
lawsuit.  They were warned that there would be a disconnection and they did
nothing except to tell the press that Sprint was "partitioning the
Internet".  Rage against Sprint ensued.


  [ I would emphasize that the link George notes above is
    indeed the Sprint side of the story.  Cogent may well
    have a different point of view.

       -- Lauren Weinstein
          NNSquad Moderator ]

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On Nov 2, 2008, at 4:19 PM, nick hatch wrote:

> As of about an hour ago, it appears that Cogent/Sprint have re- 
> peered. I haven't heard any other details, but I sure would love to  
> know who blinked.
> http://www.internetpulse.net/


"As part of an interim solution, Sprint initiated a temporary  
reconnection to the Cogent network on Sunday, November 2nd so that  
customers would have temporary access while longer-term alternate and  
permanent access options are explored."

It sounds like they disconnected just long enough to show that they  
are serious.

In general, NANOG is the place to watch on this topic:

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