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[ NNSquad ] Stanford's "Privicons" "email privacy tool" released

Stanford's "Privicons" "email privacy tool" released

http://j.mp/sOUhE0  (Stanford)

   "To convey these signals, Privicons uses a vocabulary of icons that
    clearly communicate email senders' privacy expectations. With the new
    Privicons plugin for Chrome, Gmail users can select from a list of
    these icons and attach them to their emails, unobtrusively but
    noticeably. (A Firefox plugin is next.) When recipients see these
    icons, we expect that many of them, motivated by neighborliness and
    their understanding of social norms, will comply with their peers'
    wishes and expectations."

 - - -

I am basically not impressed by such schemes.  My suspicion is that
such "signals" will be overused by senders (often for bad reasons) and
largely ignored by recipients (often for good reasons).  I'll elaborate
on this later as appropriate.

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