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[ NNSquad ] Why Gigabit DSL matters

Several NNSquad readers reacted to a posting of mine yesterday
(regarding a Gigabit short range DSL tech), suggesting that existing
Ethernet standards provide the same functionality.

I believe this DSL technology is of most interest where utilities are
trying to leverage existing copper cable plant, especially in
underground utility situations (which often can mean 50+ year old
cables in hard to access locations buried directly in the ground).

I would expect any successful high speed DSL system to generally have
better noise immunity and crosstalk rejection characteristics than
conventional Ethernet -- especially important in old, tightly packed
cables that can have 500+ pairs.

But the big advantage in these situations is only needing one pair,
vs. two or four for 100bT or 1000bT Ethernet.  

Fewer pairs means fewer interfaces and nominally less expensive
equipment, but the big win relates to the fact that many of these hard
to replace cables are so old and so badly maintained (and/or in poorly
documented bridging configurations) that many/most of the pairs won't
even test out suitably for data.  Only needing to find one good pair
for a customer is a win in these kinds of situations.

So I think there is a quite valid place for this tech.

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