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[ NNSquad ] Re: Why Gigabit DSL matters

   Fewer pairs means fewer interfaces and nominally less expensive
   equipment, but the big win relates to the fact that many of these hard
   to replace cables are so old and so badly maintained (and/or in poorly
   documented bridging configurations) that many/most of the pairs won't
   even test out suitably for data.  Only needing to find one good pair
   for a customer is a win in these kinds of situations.

One pair is a very big deal.  In many places, installers were sloppy
and only hooked up one pair.  Since the second pair is (almost) never
used, it's also often not tested and the lack of the second connection
has gone unnoticed.

Also, there are cases where the two pairs were split into two phone

So, this is a big deal.


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