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[ NNSquad ] Who is "Jeff" Zuckerberg?

Who is "Jeff" Zuckerberg?

In the referenced article I sent out a little while ago regarding
Facebook, the quoted text (and the actual article itself) referred to
the Founder of Facebook as "Jeff" Zuckerberg.  I had considered
correcting that in the quote, but I prefer to leave the quoted text
exactly matching the source.

What I should have mentioned is that there's something of a running
joke in some quarters about "Jeff" -- probably dating back to a CNN
spot ( http://j.mp/MA4PYg [CNN Transcript] ), that referred to Zuckerberg
in that manner -- but in reality there are 1000s of such references,
presumably from common name confusion.  

These sorts of slips are sometimes pretty amusing and widespread.
Check out "piracy policy" (as opposed to "privacy policy") sometime!

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