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[ NNSquad ] Google's "Google+ History" cross-site sharing avoids Facebooks's pitfalls

Google's "Google+ History" cross-site sharing avoids Facebooks's pitfalls

"Google announces social sharing done right"

http://j.mp/LWOQmq  (Computerworld)

   "Google quietly unveiled something this week called Google+ History.
    It's a feature that brings your activity from all over the Internet
    into Google+.  Don't go looking for Google+ History. Right now, it's
    available only to developers so they can support it with their
    software. Google will make it available to users later.  In a
    nutshell, Google+ History will make it possible for third-party apps,
    sites and services to share information about your online activities
    with Google+. For example, if you post on Twitter, a copy of your
    tweet will show up in your Google+ profile.  Sounds like Facebook's
    "frictionless sharing," right? Well, not so fast. Google+ History has
    one thing "frictionless sharing" doesn't have: Friction!"

 - - -

While I'm unlikely to authorize many sites to use this 
functionality -- I generally prefer to create my own G+ postings from 
scratch and do not feel a need personally for a great deal of broader 
sharing from other sites -- the Google+ History approach seems very sound,
especially in comparison to the Facebook nightmare.  The way Google
has implemented Google+ History demonstrates that Google understands a
basic concept that Facebook has entirely missed -- or more likely has
chosen to ignore.  I put it this way: "Sharing everything is
essentially the same as sharing nothing."  Think about it.

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