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[ NNSquad ] Programming skills (or lack thereof) in backstory of Colorado shooter

Programming skills (or lack thereof) in backstory of Colorado shooter

http://j.mp/OXmMD9  (L.A. Times)

    He said he set Holmes to work writing computer code for an experiment
    Jacobson had done involving a game of rock-paper-scissors, in which
    the computer always beats the human, no matter who goes first.  The
    experiment was in Flash, which Jacobson said is best encoded using
    what's called object-oriented programming. Holmes insisted on using
    what's known as procedural programming, much more time consuming and
    complicated, Jacobson said.  Holmes was, however, extremely receptive
    to compliments, which was "how I got him to do the little that he
    did," Jacobson said.  For two weeks, Jacobson said, "he was absolutely
    stubborn. I was at a loss to how to get him to program in an
    object-oriented way. He just refused. Finally, I said, 'Do it any way
    you can.'"

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