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[ NNSquad ] UK Govt's Censorware Blocks Tech, Civil Liberties Websites

UK Govt's Censorware Blocks Tech, Civil Liberties Websites

http://j.mp/1l7t8gB (Slashdot)

     A few days ago, we mentioned that the UK's ISP-level censorware
     software not only does a poor job of its stated job (blocking porn),
     but blocks at least some sex education sites, too; now, reader
     badger.foo writes to say that's not all:  "It fell to the UK Tories to
     actually implement the Nanny State. Too bad Nanny Tory does not want
     kinds to read up on tech web sites such as slashdot.org, or civil
     liberties ones such as the EFF or Amnesty International. Read on for a
     small sample of what the filter blocks, from a blocked-by-default tech

 - - -

And lots more. Open source sites. Usenix. Blogspot. You get the picture.

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