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[ NNSquad ] Re: "How to Patrol Your ISP"

Lauren Weinstein writes:

> How about this for an initial game plan to get the ball rolling?
> First, we need some writeups describing specific tests and
> parameters that users can employ, making use of various currently
> available open source tools, to begin measuring aspects of their
> ISPs' performance.  Until more automated, purpose-built packages are
> developed, this could still start bringing in some useful data.
> Writeups should be detailed and written for at least two levels of
> user experience at such activities, e.g. beginner and expert.  These
> need to describe both the tests to perform and the data to 
> collect -- they shouldn't just be elaborated versions of man pages.

I just wanted to reiterate that I'm doing something somewhat like this
for EFF, under EFF's name; this should be out pretty soon and everyone
here is welcome to see whether you think it serves this purpose well.
My article is oriented toward explaining how to use Wireshark to capture
data at two endpoints of a communication in order to compare how the
same communication appears to both of them.

Seth Schoen
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