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[ NNSquad ] Re: FCC paths to Internet network management? (from IP)

Brett Glass says: "Sixth, there should be no obfuscation of P2P."

Bzzzz!  Sorry, no can do, at least if we're talking about some sort
of enforced ban.  I'm personally not a user of P2P currently, but I
reserve the right to encrypt any or all of my Internet traffic for
security and privacy purposes as I see fit, and most security
consultants worth their salt recommend encrypting as much as
possible, given the nature of the Internet today.

Any moves to ban the "obfuscation" of P2P could easily lead us down
the path toward other sorts of obfuscation and encryption bans, and too
many of us remember the Clipper Chip War to go down that road 
quietly.  ("You fought in the Clipper Chip War?")

Now, if we're talking about a purely voluntary approach leading
to a truce of some sort, that's a different matter.

But as far as I'm concerned enforced "obfuscation bans" are D.O.A.

NNSquad Moderator