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[ NNSquad ] Re: FCC paths to Internet network management? (from IP)

So you would say that all decentralized search engines should be
transparent or announce what they are?

Just what constitutes "obfuscation?"  ?:-/

Or dishonesty?

Seth Johnson

Brett Glass wrote:
> At 10:48 PM 2/28/2008, Lauren Weinstein wrote:
> >Brett Glass says: "Sixth, there should be no obfuscation of P2P."
> >
> >Bzzzz!  Sorry, no can do, at least if we're talking about some sort
> >of enforced ban.  I'm personally not a user of P2P currently, but I
> >reserve the right to encrypt any or all of my Internet traffic for
> >security and privacy purposes as I see fit, and most security
> >consultants worth their salt recommend encrypting as much as
> >possible, given the nature of the Internet today.
> Encrypt the content if you will, but if you try to obfuscate the
> fact that you are DOING P2P, in violation of a contract you made
> with your ISP, you are being dishonest. And if you announce from
> the start your intent to be dishonest, then there can never be
> a truce, much less a mutually beneficial agreement. And you will
> be exactly the kind of customer whom we will be glad to send
> packing. We like doing business honestly, with honest people.
> --Brett Glass


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