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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comments on NNSquad Purpose

At 06:26 PM 11/8/2007, David P. Reed wrote:


This list and NNSquad's purpose is not about defining "network neutrality", nor is it required to.

Dave, please keep your personal grudges (you seem to have one HECK of a chip on your shoulder about Yours Truly) off list.

The fact is that there is no point in having a mailing list about "network neutrality" if what is being discussed has not been defined. There is a terrible "blind men and the elephant" problem here, and the very first order of business should be to clear it up. It is vitally important to craft a mutually agreeable definition. And because a definition names what is defined and LIMITS it, we will avoid the problem of having anything that anyone wants of an ISP -- no matter how unreasonable or unrelated -- lumped into the vague cause of "network neutrality."

--Brett Glass