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[ NNSquad ] Re: Do the Happy Dance people...

At 11:08 PM 8/31/2008, Robb Topolski wrote:
>(To my knowledge, no LOBBYISTS on either side of any of our common
>arguments have had much to say about this.)

Robb, you are a lobbyist for the inside-the-Beltway lobbying group 
"Free" Press. And you have had far too much to say.

And you are lying. I haven't seen an ad claiming that broadband was
"unlimited" for many years, and when those few ads did appear, they
were referring to the amount of time online -- not data rates or
amount of data downloaded.

--Brett Glass

    [ As normally used, the term "lobbyist" has a very specific
      legal definition.  Merely expressing an opinion on a topic
      does not trigger inclusion in that category -- nor does even
      expressing an opinion when you work for an organization that
      has an interest in legislation.  Generally, a lobbyist is a
      person paid by an organization or group *specifically* to push
      for or against specific legislation or legislative approaches.
      I know of nobody active in these NNSquad discussions who fits
      this standard definition.

      As for ads, I pointed this current ad image out just a couple
      of days ago:


      Unless Brett has some sort of psychic channel to TW
      management's minds (and I'll bet I know more people in TW
      management than he does, come to think of it) that the rest of
      us lack, I would suggest treating the ad at face value.  It
      shows a crossed-out speed limit sign but does say up to 10
      Mbps.  So it's completely reasonable for people to assume that
      "no limits" refers to the amount of data.  I would anticipate,
      however, that this particular ad's future is very limited.

         -- Lauren Weinstein
            NNSquad Moderator ]