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[ NNSquad ] Re: Do the Happy Dance people...

Okay, Moderator -- you now have a clear choice to make. 

I respectfully request that you either unsubscribe me from this list, or unsubscribe Brett.  I have previously said that I will not tolerate  his calling me a liar, and his continuing abuse of many others on this list is just getting worse.  You have used an abundance of tolerance, but it's time to show that tolerance has limits of its own.

You may publish this request.

Robb Topolski

And you are lying. I haven't seen an ad claiming that broadband was
"unlimited" for many years, and when those few ads did appear, they
were referring to the amount of time online -- not data rates or
amount of data downloaded.

--Brett Glass

Robb Topolski (robb@funchords.com)
Hillsboro, Oregon USA