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[ NNSquad ] Re: Canada goes crazy

Nuno Garcia wrote:
We have seen the opposite trend here in Portugal (and Europe in general), users were invoiced for how much traffic they would consume, and now, most ISPs charge a flat rate. Exceptions are the mobile operators that still charge by the byte.
And in Northern Europe flat rate for mobile data is the standard. You can get also either per-MB pay or then some fixed amount, but those are not significantly cheaper per month than flat rate (starting 10€/month for "384kbit/s").

Consumers just like that you pay fixed amount each mont and have no surprises. Only exception being roaming data that is still very expensive (was 0.15€/50 kB or so when visited Switzerland), where one may get very large bills. But there is coming in force regulation that the bill may not exceed some amount without notifying user.

t. Markus
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