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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comments on NNSquad Purpose

At 08:12 AM 11/9/2007, David P. Reed wrote:

Brett - please re-read the text on the home page. The NNSquad has clearly chosen NOT to define Network Neutrality.

If you do not define your terms, then you cannot have a sensible discussion. And in particular, if you do not define the very subject of your discussion or the purpose of your group, you're just spinning your wheels.

The "home page" says:

"The project's focus includes detection, analysis, and incident reporting of any anticompetitive, discriminatory, or other restrictive actions on the part of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or affiliated entities, such as the blocking or disruptive manipulation of applications, protocols, transmissions, or bandwidth; or other similar behaviors not specifically requested by their customers."

This sounds like the beginning of a definition, but it's far too vague. Customers don't want to know every detail of how the Internet works, so every "behavior not specifically requested" is not undesirable. And the definition certainly should not be so broad or so vague as to include every possible thing that causes a customer to be dissatisfied with an ISP (which is the way the discussion, even at the beginning, has started to go).

Again, David, you seem to harbor a personal grudge against me, and to feel compelled to gainsay and/or attack me at every opportunity. As you say, "get over it."

--Brett Glass