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[ NNSquad ] Re: [OT?] NN definition(s?)

At 10:13 PM 11/10/2007, Richard Bennett wrote:

I would contend that BitTorrent is the best example of "Background" or
"High Througput" traffic ever devised, so its default TOS is too high.
And because it's too high, it interferes with the user's own VoIP,
video-streaming, and web browsing traffic unless the user has Phil
Karns's sophistication and equipment (unlikely, of course.)

Here's a very key point, and one I don't think anyone has brought up yet in this forum: There's an economic side to this issue as well. Were BitTorrent traffic all legitimate, it would be limited by simple economics. No one could afford to download every song or movie in the world if he or she were paying for the content and it were being distributed legally! So, if everyone acted within the law, the load would be, at least to some extent, self-limiting.

In the real world, however, we have uncontrolled and rampant piracy of intellectual property, and many people who hoard the pirated content. So, the load is sure to become intolerable. The issues of copyright infringement and excessive use of bandwidth are thus inextricably intertwined.

--Brett Glass, LARIAT.NET