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[ NNSquad ] Re: [OT?] NN definition(s?)

On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 10:01 -0700, Brett Glass wrote:

> Here's a very key point, and one I don't think anyone has brought 
> up yet in this forum: There's an economic side to this issue as 
> well. Were BitTorrent traffic all legitimate, it would be limited 
> by simple economics. No one could afford to download every song or 
> movie in the world if he or she were paying for the content and it 
> were being distributed legally! So, if everyone acted within the 
> law, the load would be, at least to some extent, self-limiting.
> In the real world, however, we have uncontrolled and rampant piracy 
> of intellectual property, and many people who hoard the pirated 
> content. So, the load is sure to become intolerable. The issues of 
> copyright infringement and excessive use of bandwidth are thus 
> inextricably intertwined.
Actually, this is kind of backwards.  It's economically inefficient
copyright laws that are keeping a throttle on the demand for broadband.
If we lived under Pareto-efficient copyright laws, it would be 50-80% of
the population trying to use the net to download huge amounts of music
and film, not 20%.

But aside from that, you're forgetting that there are unlimited licensed
music subscription services available for $5-10 / month.  It's the DRM,
and not the price, that have prevented those services from taking off.

Also note that it costs a few dollars to rent a DVD.  Film studios are
moving to prices for movie downloads that are in the same range.  Users
can chew through a lot of non-copyright-infringing bandwidth at those
prices.  And if the bandwidth was available, we could be talking about
HD video downloads at 10GB/movie or more.

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